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What Is Anxious Attachment Style: Signs, Causes and How To Cope

What Anxious Attachment Style Signs

Anxious Attachment Style In Children:

  • Difficult to console when crying
  • Becomes visibly upset when separated from their caregiver
  • Clinging to the people they form attachments with
  • Exploring less and not interacting with strangers
  • Failure to process negative emotions
  • Becoming aggressive with peers
  • Generally appearing to be anxious

How Anxious Attachment Style Affects Relationships?

Those who have developed this type of insecure attachment style find it difficult to feel safe in any kind of relationship. Their fear of rejection and abandonment issues make them find their relationships to be challenging, stressful, and unstable.

People who experience anxious attachment styles and abuse in their childhood have their tryst with difficult relationships in their adult lives.

Dating With An Anxious Attachment Style

People who didn’t experience closeness and a loving relationship with their primary caregiver long for a deep attachment with their romantic partner. Unfortunately, their troubled childhood instills a lack of trust, poor self-worth, and other insecurities in their mind. As a result, they find it difficult to trust their partner and always seek validation from them.

People with an anxious attachment style are also prone to feel overwhelmed when they perceive a threat to their relationship. For instance, when a partner goes out with their friends or gets late coming home, the anxious partner feels threatened and needs a lot of emotional soothing.

Anxiously attached individuals must communicate their insecurities clearly to their partners and not impulsively act on them. It also helps if a person with attachment issues chose a partner who is emotionally secure and is ready to work with their partner on their anxious attachment style.

How Can You Help A Partner With Anxious Attachment?

If your partner tends to display the signs of anxious attachment style, the following tips will come in handy:

  • Always assure them that you genuinely care about them
  • Consistently give them your unconditional love
  • Don’t go back on your words and keep your promises
  • Gently encourage them to reflect and work on their attachment issues

Here Are Some Examples of Anxious Attachment Triggers:

You must keep an eye on these emotional triggers that might set off your partner with anxious attachment patterns:

1. Unresponsiveness

If you are unresponsive to their emotional needs or ignoring their texts or calls, these can cause immense emotional stress to them as they are carrying the baggage of anxious attachment issues.

2. Perceived Fear

Their perceived fear of breakup or separation can make them behave erratically. If you want to convey your concern about their attachment anxiety, please do so with much care.

3. You Getting Emotionally Independent

If you start developing new hobbies or start making new friends, this may signal danger and cause distress to your emotionally vulnerable partner.

4. Unpredictable Behavior

If you are not clear on what do you want from this relationship or if your priorities are not at the place, your partner may feel triggered due to this unpredictable nature of your relationship.

How To Change An Anxious Attachment Style?

If you are wondering how to fix your anxious attachment style the following tips will help you:

1. Self-Awareness

Identify your attachment style and seek self-improvement to feel more secure and emotionally stable in your relationships.

2. Making Amends

Realize that it’s not too late to make changes in your existing relationships. Try to trust your partner, give them space, and process your negative feelings with patience and self-control.

3. Reaching Out

If you still find it overwhelming to deal with your relationships, it is always a good idea to reach out to a professional or a trusted friend for support and guidance.

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