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Anxiety Scale From Minimal To Debilitating

Anxiety Self Rating Scale

Anxiety Scale

1. Minimal:

• Small feelings of worry/anxiety.
• Able to get things done and focus on tasks.
• Little to no physical symptoms.

2. Mild:

• Anxious throughout the day but not all day.
• Some changes in concentration and sleep.
• Stomach ache and muscle tension.

3. Moderate:

• Anxious most of the day.
• Changes in sleep, appetite, concentration.
• Avoidance.
• Feeling panicky, headaches, and fatigue.

4. Severe:

• Anxiety all day.
• Feeling breathless, chest tightness, digestive issues.
• Unable to focus.
• Sensory overload.
• Isolation.

5. Debilitating:

• Severe anxiety all day.
• Panic attacks.
• Can’t function.
• Intense physical symptoms.
• Feeling paralyzed.
• Meltdowns.
• Obsessive thoughts.
• Feeling unable to continue.

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Anxiety Self Rating Scale.
Anxiety Self Rating Scale