Anxiety is a silent killer of the soul.

Anxiety comes in many forms and for those who have anxiety you know it is a constant struggle. Anxiety controls our every actions and consumes our entire being. If not controlled or managed it leads us down the rabbit hole with no light in sight. Often depression is associated as well and deeper we go into the darkness. This is only in our minds, I have struggled with both my whole life. I have been on medicine in which only makes it worse. I found it only masks the problem and does not help. So, I said to myself “NO MORE” So, what does help? You have to be like Alice in wonderland, she found herself and came back up the rabbit hole. You have to process each emotion as hard as it may be. The stars cannot shine without the darkness. Process it and feel it, thank it and let it be on its way. Each release will shed little more light and your soul will start to notice and stir around. Be silent and let your soul speak, listen and it will bring you back to the light. Remember you are not alone, you are strong, you are the Phoenix rising from the ashes, waiting to be reborn.

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