Anxiety and Overthinking

I walk in hoodies and masks

on this mundane streets.

My mind buried inside

from greeting the traffic

by a thick fabric hood

knitted in threads of guilt

that by time have

made home over my head.

And I begin to grow garden in the dark

sunning the flowers

with the heat of my thoughts.

And watering it through

my perspiration of anxiety.

I walk in hoodies and masks

on this mundane streets

because my organs are scared

to fall out and make friends.

Sometimes when I walk

without a hoodie on

I see myself naked and bare

like anytime they would

come and drink the juice out of my flowers

and learn all the thoughts that I sowed

I see my skin melting with others

and dripping in a pool of

sleeping smiling faces

where there is no going back

once the pool makes you dead.

My skeleton shivers

when left so bare in the spotlight.

And it feels like

they’re foraging at me

for them to survive.

So I put back my hood

before they visit and suck

my flowers of mad thoughts

and make all honey and money out of it.

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