5 Most Annoying Anxiety Symptoms

Annoying Anxiety Symptoms

2) What was I worrying about?

If, for whatever reason, we manage to take our minds off the perpetual worry, it somehow makes its way back.

Maybe you’ve been through this.

You are suddenly not feeling like crap, and wait, that’s weird now…

This relaxation is not normal, where is the anxiety? Where is the worry?

I wish I hadn’t thought about that… 3, 2, 1… aaand anxiety is back. Delightful.

We remember why we were feeling worried, and so the brief moment of peace dissolves, like sand slipping through the fingers.

A little sad, isn’t it?

Our baseline is stress, and when it goes away, we feel there’s something wrong.

That’s why I always emphasize that we need to get in charge of our own Mental Dialogue because otherwise, anxiety has a free pass to make a mess in our minds…  and lives.

1) With anxiety, you cannot concentrate.

Your family needs you. Your friends want to be with you. And your work demands your efforts.

But still you can’t quite concentrate on what you’re doing.

Your family may feel there’s something wrong with you, because you don’t seem to be completely present.

Friends can notice that too. But maybe your anxiety has worsened and you don’t see them much anymore.

And at work… you just wonder how long until anxiety gets so bad, that you cannot meet the expectations.

Anxiety makes it hard for you to concentrate on anything else.

All your mental space is taken up by that damn worry that refuses to go away.

It’s been weeks already? These episodes of anxiety just keep getting longer.

This, I think, is by far the most annoying symptom.

But there’s an extra one that is more scary than annoying…

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Bonus: Scary intrusive thoughts take today’s (dis)honorable mention.

This is not as common as the ones above, but it sure is unsettling.

Terrible thoughts have arrived… and it seems they are here to stay.

We didn’t ask for these terrible thoughts! But still they are here, and they keep coming… and sometimes it gets obsessive.

And we really don’t want to have these catastrophic thoughts, but the very aversion we feel towards them seems to further cement them into our minds.

This symptom is as scary as it is hard to get rid of. But hey, I am preparing a guide on how to do that.

For now, let’s just say that we all hate anxiety, it is indeed a difficult adversary.

But that doesn’t mean it’s undefeatable.

My introductory audio program is a great form of anxiety relief, and it will help you tremendously in this battle.

If you think I left out an even more annoying symptom of anxiety, or if you want to add one, leave a comment so we can all better understand anxiety.

I assume responsibility for my mental illness, and thus, I create my mental health.

Share this article, we all need to support each other and learn more about how we can fight anxiety.

Your friend,

George Alonso.

Creator of the Transcendental Mindfulness Program

Written By George Alonso
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5 Most Annoying Anxiety Symptoms
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