The Animal You See First Will Reveal Your Personality Traits

The Animal Will Reveal Personality Traits

This imaging test works toward identifying your governing personality traits because your subconscious mind plays a big role in deciding which animal you see first. This is also known as convergent thinking. Psychology Today defines convergent thinking as the ability of your brain to naturally limit the choices it can think of. Convergent thinking relies on instinct and preferences, making the first item you see the one that feels most natural to you. It reflects your inner beliefs and desires.

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Thinking Styles

This exercise can also uncover more about the way you think. In his book, “Thinking Styles” psychologist and college professor Robert Sternberg talked about the fact that people think differently and that it affects how they learn, work, and interact with others. How quickly you identified other animals and whether you were able to see all of them can help identify your thinking style and mental agility. The traits of the animals/animal which you see first in the image speak about your characteristics, but the way you concentrate on the images shows your thinking style.

• Finding the bird and the crab requires focusing on contrast. If you were able to find both of them quickly, your brain processes information very quickly, and it is easier for you to spot connections and patterns.

• Seeing the horse was a more difficult thing to do actually. It shows that you have the ability to look deep into something, and you are very intuitive.

• Finding the dolphin’s image requires a different type of thinking altogether. To see it you almost have to relax your eyes. This indicates the creative, expressive thinking often attributed to the right-brain.

• Seeing the bear requires a thinker with the ability to look at the big picture and not be caught up with other details.

So, did you find all the 7 animals in one go? If yes, then what does it say about you? The more animals you found in the image, the more divergent is your thinking compared to convergent thinking. That sounds complicated, but divergent thinking is just the process of finding more options.

If you found four or more animals in the image, you’re already well on your way to becoming a divergent thinker. Studies show that divergent, creative thinking offers many benefits. Divergent thinkers learn more easily and solve problems more creatively.

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