Angel in Hell

Underneath the sky shining bright with stars she had her mind wrapped in a blanket of fairy tales filled with love and angels 

when the sun shined bright and her eyes found light it became difficult to identify who were the demons and who the angels  were.

Racism,hate and despair often cuts and bleeds and the melancholy does not pass for most or entire of our lives.

 Life is made of thousands of fleeting moments in some of these moments we may have been swept off our feet by people who could have been right or wrong in their plays,we tend to often fall for  demons resembling to  angels in many ways.

the angel showed love and care never seen before. in your head your mind kept warning you about how it was too good to be true . you ignored the red flags and moved past the signboard just to learn that the angel you fell for had been the devil all along.

Would you still love the devil waiting for it to show its acted like an angel for you, would you be able to love back the demon?

The demon wants  love and all you wanted was to fall in love with an angel so would this be another story of how an angel like you ends up in hell?

-Joshna Tandel

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