And Yet, I Still Love The Very One

And Yet, I Still Love The Very One
Sherry Greene

And yet,
I still love the very one
that wounds me.



Monika Natalé

The Narcissist
and The Empath



Melie Guzek

Forgiveness is
taking the knife out
of your own back
and not using it
to hurt anyone else
no matter how they hurt you.


Andrea Wilson

People will wound you,
just to take credit for your healing.



Debra Pry

You always hurt
the one you love.


Karthik Parthasarathy

That which hurts you,
Hitting you from the back,
Where does it come from?
Might be from your loved one's pack.
Maybe it is intentional,
Or they just are not aware,
At the end of the day, though,
The pain is very real.



Sarrvesh Waran

You may not have a clue,
But the arrows that pierced me are blue.
You hurt me too much
Though you didn't mean to
But I always come to you.
You will always be a friend, not a foe.
I always come to you,
Because I have nowhere else to go



Sarrvesh Waran

And the worse kind of pain in loving is
not knowing how much we hurt others
in the name of love.



Anindya J Ganguly

In a morsel of Dorset ground
I take few arrows for my friend
My dorsal bleeds of pain
But my friend is there to save me
From life's infidelity & mayhem.



Jing Oledan Sabordo

I still love and forgive you
in everything that you do to me badly.



Danyelle Rigli

You hurt me, but I know
it's because you hurt, too.



Anjali Lowtan

Sometimes the one you'd take a bullet for
is the one pulling the trigger



Kayley Easterbrook

You cannot recover
in the environment
that made you sick.


Christinah Ciira

How we are sometimes tied
to our oppressors
because we feel inadequate
without the torture they subject us to.

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