And The Reason Is…..

And The Reason Is.....

My darling, you are amazing!

You said something is broken inside

You said you lost respect

You said you don’t want to talk….

And the reason is Me!

My darling, you are one of your kind,

No one would be like you

Knowing the very fact

That I was about to die for you

You are not here

You didn’t come to see me

You stopped talking again

You stopped calling too

This is how you care

And you said,

The reason is Me!!!


My darling, here I am twisted, torned and absolutely crushed with neglect…

being ignored

lying on my cold bed, unloved.

My darling, you used to call me partner,

Now I get to know about you

Only through your

Social media status updates!

You said We are twin flames, soulmates

Connected, destined to meet..

Now I wonder,

Are we even connected ever,

Now that I see you

only through Your updates…

Now I know, we are not even connected digitally!!!

I got a new life

You didn’t say that you are happy

I got a new life

You didn’t show compassion

Yes, you did something

You stopped interacting with me


and this time

The reason is me!


This time you said

This is for my healing!!!!

My darling, get hold of yourself

You said you will be always a call away

You said, whenever I need something

No matter if it’s in the middle of the night

You will be by my side!!!

But when I needed you the most,

You just left a message for me!

Yes, at times I really feel sorry for you

I called you my warrior

But are you really one?

You never showed up near the battlefield!

You be who you are,

My darling, go explore…. who you are

And this time let the reason be you!

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