And more than anything, I miss you

I miss you

I have pain in my chest for not being able to reach out to you

I know you will say “No” “that’s responsibility I can’t bear” “I DON’T KNOW YOU”

I know you freak out

I know you are scared

But I also know my feeling about you is true

Despite conditions and time … I am willing to follow my heart and your energy

I have thousands of thoughts about you every day

When I wake up I wish I can see you

When I go to bed I hope you were there

When I fix the house, I wonder if you will like it

And when I go out I hate it that you are not with me

Not because am clingy or weak

And not because I am rushing in too soon as some may think

I don’t believe in time with emotions

And I don’t have the luxury of time

It is because for some reason you matter

And for many reasons I want you to matter

The question is… would you allow it to matter?

Would you take a leap of faith into something you are not sure of with someone you don’t know for reasons that are not clear?

Would you get over your pain and past? Would you let things take their course naturally?

Do you see me in your future? Because I want you in my present!

Do you see yourself not holding back? Do you see yourself remembering me in the midst of all the buzz of your day? Do you see yourself cautious not hurt me? Do you see yourself watching me just because you like to? Do you see yourself smiling at the thought of me? Do you see yourself with me?

I want you so badly it ruins my world… I see you everywhere you haven’t been to yet… you are with me!

Against the time and space… Despite your rigidness and cynicism… Behind the frowns and growls… I SEE YOU… I see you because it gives me something to see.

Through your despair I find my hope, through your darkness my light shines and through your bewilderment I compel enforce clarity!

I miss you because our opposing energies bring us together and we are two sides of one!

I miss you because you are the conclusion of my quest, the realization of myself and most of all the reflection of my inner true self!

And more than anything, I miss you because I never really need to know you… I already do!


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