An Open Letter for my Future Husband

To my future husband,

Get ready!


Get ready because we will live an exciting and fulfilling life together. Are you ready to settle down with this goofy, crazy, adventurous, uncanny, sensitive and lunatic me?

You know that I’m intense and weird, right? So it’s your choice to marry me. You should think six hundred billion times before you say the phrase

” Will you Marry Me?”. You have to be sure and determined enough to win me and my heart because if I say ” YES” – there’s no turning back. You have to stick with me forever. You are mine. F-O-R-E-V-E-R.


Sorry, I might sound creepy but If you choose me, you choose my constant mood swings, my tantrums, my childish rants, my annoying laughter, my once a month period pain, my midnight melodrama and my whirlwind feelings. You know that I react and feel a lot. In other words, I’m emotional.

I cry as I watch the “Titanic” and Nicholas Sparks’ movies even though I’ve seen it for a couple of million times already. I also get upset so easily. It’s not a secret to you that’s why you always find a way to upset me, am I right?

By the way, I cry not only by watching movies but also by reading books. You know how much I love reading! I love the smell of a new book, the sensation I feel as I glide my hands on its pages and yes, husband, I love you, but—  don’t disturb me while I’m reading unless you want to say something important like world domination, alien abduction and “romantic night” with me. (Seduce me first tho  )


However, if you choose to marry me, you will marry not just the emotional psychotic side of me. Marrying me is spending your whole life with an Achiever, A Civil Service Examination Passer, A writer, A Financial Managerial Practitioner and  A Flower.

Husband, you know by now that I am also into arts, I sketch and I paint. I like to paint anything inside my imagination but what I love the most is to paint smiles on your sweet lips. If you marry me, you will marry a person who loves traveling and a person who loves chasing the sunrise and the sunset, hiking mountains and soaking in water.


I only have one favor to ask you, Do not treat me as a Queen, treat me as your Best friend instead. 

Don’t promise to give me a luxurious life inside a palace, I don’t need it. What I need is a humble home full of love and happiness. Don’t promise to give me the stars and the moon because that is impossible to happen, promise me to give your trust, love, and income instead (negotiable)

Husband, I want you to be my very best friend, my teammate, my playmate, my shoulder to cry on, my 3 am thoughts, my partner in crime, the father of my dozen kids and my favorite person.


To my Future Husband, yes, you,




Love ,

Your Future Wife

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