An Ode To My Mother

An Ode To My Mother


Mother! mother! O my dearest mother!
Working all day long, take a little rest rather.
Listen to you as I listen to you,
There are so many things to say that has remained due.
Always smiling, hiding your sorrow;
Tell me where do your patience you borrow.
Facing the hurdles all on your own,

Struggle and suffer but never groan.

Stand like a tree, fresh and alive;

Bear the scorching heat and spread a good vibe.

Look at your face so calm and fair,

O such a gentle touch I can get nowhere.

Thank you for bringing me on this earth,

Thank you for filling my life with mirth.

I’m your world, you’re mine,

I wish you to be happy, I wish you to shine.

Mother! I’ve heard some strange things,

They said, o mother, you were born with wings.

You were full of life and you made a dive,

Into the world of your dreams where sparkles the sunbeams;

So much of praise how you embrace,

You were born to rule but remained a mule.

You were full of life but they were carrying a knife;

They cut your wings, tied you with a ring.

The ring was too heavy, you knew what it would levy.

You were born to shine, they said you would be fine.

Then jerk and pull, you gave but your full;

You were born to shine but you said you were fine.

Then came we, like two buds in your twig,

You strive, you stride to take us on a ride,

A ride full of dreams where sparkles the sunbeams.

You gave us wings that once you had that once got ruined,

You gave them colour, you fill them with valour.

Now we’d never have to fit into the man-made mould,

For you’ve taught us to be kind, have taught us to be bold.

I’m your world and you’re mine,

In you, o mother, I see the divine.

I’d hold your banner in the same manner,

Making dings would flutter my wings.

Full of spry would soar high in the sky; 

The world would praise how I’d embrace.

Then take me in your arms, kiss my forehead;

Let’s dive together like that of the mermaid.

No harm can cause you, no danger can befall you;

For I’d stand as firm as a rock,

The path to sorrow would surely block.

All your sorrow would I bury,

With incandescent love would heal your injury.

I’m your world and you’re mine,

you’re with me, I shall always be fine.

Piyali Mudli

M.A in English literature, B.ED. Dancer, choreographer. View Author posts