If You Experience An Intense Energetic Connection With Someone, Ask Yourself This


If You Experience An Intense Energetic Connection With Someone, Ask Yourself This

In our lives, we meet a lot of people who we immediately connect with. We fall in love pretty easily, a result of some hormonal changes. Sometimes it’s all fairy tale, however, sometimes it’s just lust. But, did you ever experience an intense energetic connection with someone?

Have You Ever Felt A Connection With Someone?

To find someone special and get into a long-term relationship where there is both a physical as well as an emotional connection is something rare and unique.

You have every right to follow your instinct and do whatever you please, like indulge in one-night stands and casual dating, but nothing can be as enriching as a mature committed relationship. There is an inexplicable comfort and joy in finding someone who knows you from deep down and absolutely adores you for who you are.

If You Experience An Intense Energetic Connection With Someone, Ask Yourself This

However, are we in charge of our own lives?

Have you learned to love yourself? Are you finally ready to face your dark side? Do you look at yourself and feel happy? Are you being productive and creative? Do you respect yourself? Are you finally in a position in life that makes you feel proud of yourself?

You must have already realized that you aren’t a victim of your life but a great actor who knows how to handle any role life throws at them with ease. If you don’t like some things about your life, it is time to change it. Don’t mope around. You aren’t actually the victim, but simply acting like one.

Accept the divine energy and let it guide you to light. Remove all those things from your life that hold you back and don’t give you joy. Instead, take responsibility and make those necessary changes that will help you achieve great victories, and successes, win against all odds, and achieve your full potential.

You are the scriptwriter and director of this grand movie that your life is. Your past may have many scars and failures attached like depression, sickness, and other obstacles on your path, but now you are in a position to start thinking.

These events in your life have shaped you as a person and have taught you to be the loving, dedicated, honest person you are. It has made you appreciate the beauty of genuine love. You are now mentally prepared to get into a relationship with someone special who understands you and admires you for who you are and appreciates that you love deeply and intensely.

Long-lasting relationships have these characteristics:-

When you have an energetic connection with someone, you will relate to the below-given points.

Both of you share a past, a history, and a root that is very similar. You have experienced things that are similar and help you connect in depth.

You both nurture and preach similar values. Your value system and belief system are the same.

Your relationship is strong and beautiful because it started from a blooming friendship which results in a lovely understanding and mutual respect.

You let yourself be vulnerable in front of your partner because you trust them with your entire being and feel comfortable and safe with them.

How to ensure an energetic connection with someone?

Try this.

Create a list of things that you really loved in your past relationships.

Now make another one, about all the things that you faced, that you never want to experience again in a relationship.

Now imagine someone who has all the traits combined with past relationships. Imagine an ex who hurt you immensely and has all the traits you never want to experience again. When you meet someone new, you will know immediately what you don’t like and so can protect yourself.

Take the warnings and back away as fast as you can. You don’t want to go through hell all over again, do you? Always remember how painful the ordeal was. If you love yourself, you won’t do that to yourself again.

Often people fall for someone who resembles one of their parents. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the relationship with the family.

The question is whether you can be with that person for more than a year and still feel the butterflies and sizzling connection. Do you feel excited to see their face every day? Is your relationship healthy and developing? Does it still have something new and exciting to look forward to?

Does this person understand you when you feel angry, irritated, or just disturbed? Do they still like you just as you are?

Constructive confrontation in a relationship is very much necessary and beneficial.

The key to having a healthy relationship is to communicate with each other, listen to each other’s point of view and gain new perspectives from the discussion. This will enrich the relationship and help it develop into something healthy, beautiful, and inspiring.

When you pass on energy to each other through communication, it results in a positive, bright relationship.

Remember: Soul always is more important than ego

When you experience an intense, strong and energetic connection with someone, it gives rise to several new moments and experiences that change your outlook toward life for the better and improve you as a person. It thrusts you into different scenarios, whether you are ready or not.

Lastly: Add the extra tinge

However, in a relationship, instances of tension are sometimes appreciated. Often people like to make their relationships more entertaining. The extra tinge can be added in the form of passionate, intellectual, emotional, or any different kind of uplifting spark of energy.

At the end of the day, it is vital to stay honest and loyal to each other. A healthy type of tension will add a nice twist of excitement and fun to the relationship. Stay true to yourself and to your partner and make sure both of you welcome each other’s quirks and ideas.

Create a comfort zone for your beloved so that they can open up and be themselves in front of you. Accepting each other no matter what adds beauty to the relationship. All of these combined will make sure that this romantic adventure forever remains full of sparks, joy, and mutual understanding.

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If You Experience An Intense Energetic Connection With Someone, Ask Yourself This

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