Ambiversion: The Lost Personality Type

 October 12, 2016

Ambiversion: The Lost Personality Type

The notion of Ambiversion changed my life. Previously, when filling in a personality type questionnaire, I”d hesitate when answering questions like: “would you prefer to go to a party or read a book?”  My first thought was “Depends on the party or book and also how tired I am from the previous night.” But that contextual option wasn’t available. Now I realize what agift it is to be sensible, reasonable and well balanced enough to have the freedom of choice.

I don’t consider myself either extroverted or introverted.  Even though I may be 49% extrovert and 51% introvert, I’m equally labeled an INTJ.  Yet other’s with 99% introvert and 1% extrovert are still labelled INTJ’s.  Superficially we have the same label, but psychologically we are entirely different.  This is why I much prefer the Big 5 Personality traits, and their more balanced way of analyzing our personalities.

I’m an Ambivert with 70 shades of Introvert and 30 shades of Extrovert! What are you?

Originally appeared in LonerWolf

Ambiversion The Lost Personality Type

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