Ambition Can Prevent Spiritual Seekers from Pursuing Knowledge in Life, Here’s Why

Ambition Can Prevent Spiritual Seekers from Pursuing Knowledge in Life, Here’s Why

There’s no rule in pursuing knowledge, but there’s fine line, known perfectly as ambition.

You won’t find the true knowledge with an ambition still adhered in you. That’s being said, because ones can only look when they don’t actually look. Usually happens in that kind of way, it is like serendipity phenomenon. But what if you can actually look for it intently?

This may sound ambiguous, but if you know where to look, you’re going to find it. Learn to see a pattern in everything, and believe that you will find it. There’s the thing about knowledge which seems intriguing. Most sages, spiritualists, philosophers, whatever you want to call them, one thing they all will tell you is that; look the path in your heart.

Exactly, that’s easier said than done. If you want to spend some times looking for the spiritualists around you, believe it or not, most of them will say the same thing about this soul-searching of knowledge.

Whatever the knowledge is about, light or dark, either will lead you to self-discovery, which means it will depend on how you shape yourself during the process of learning and achieving to understand the knowledge. The outcome of your journey will tell and show you whether you pass the test or not. Sometimes, the key is only that one word—naïve.

Being naïve doesn’t mean you are stupid, however people tend to underestimate the naïve ones because their lack of perception about the world, and about what’s going on around them, and also because the naïve ones usually show purity in their faces, which show weakness instead of strength.

But this kind of perspective is wrong. Usually, the true power hides in a plain-looking face, in a person who thinks naively about everything, believing what they are seeing wholeheartedly, and sometimes questioning the purpose of every creation that ever exists in this world.

What if that’s wrong? What if the naïve ones really are stupid? How can you tell?

There are certain differences between the naïve ones who are being really stupid and really smart. I am sure you can also tell the differences. The stupid ones; they will ask so many questions, but none of the answers will satisfy them, because their ambition is the one that playing the part. And so on, they tend to ask unnecessary things, not because they want to learn, but they are in the middle of making an impression of being smart, when the truth is they are not at all. Meanwhile, the smart ones; they know what things that necessary to ask, and they listen to the answers by understanding, not reacting. They tend to look calm in their silence, because they are just like the owls in the night.

Ambition will ruin oneself, because it can plant a seed of a greedy heart. The only way to handle ambition is to clear our minds from thinking worldly about knowledge. It can be possible by having a good thought that God owns everything, and everything will return to Him. Therefore, we stand a chance now as a human being, we shall have no decision but to undergo what God wants for us, not what we want for ourselves. May God bless all of us in our journeys.

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Written by Keefe R.D

My Bio: Keefe R.D is the author of the Salt Prejudice and the Royal Arcanum Series. She graduated from Mercu Buana University and she lives with her family in Indonesia. She loves to spend her time with reading books that mostly about fantasy, supernatural, and spiritual. You can visit her online at

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