Am I mean?

I am a human,
And I love chasing the sun;
But my thoughts have no clarity,
My heart has no feelings of charity;
I’ve been in a habit to judge people,
My behaviour most of the times hasn’t been humble;
In problems when I see someone,
Rather than helping I like to make its fun;
I want to be everybody’s priority,
Yes I have the sense of superiority;
But that doesn’t mean I’m bad,
There are times when I really become sad;
But then I feel I can’t alone change,
The entire world can’t come in my range;
So I get back to being me,
As if no problem I can really see;
I could see that shine in his eyes,
But the intensity of his hunger I failed to realise;
That old woman in the old age home does smile,
But it seems that her eyes keep searching for her family up to miles;
That old man was eating alone,
Managing himself all on his own;
But for none I ever cared,
Because I was never really bothered;
I just want my life to be fine,
All the happiness should be mine;
Why should I care if people are in pain?
Even if I help them what would I gain?
I have no time to waste,
I’m just bothered about my taste;
Is it too much so as to term myself mean?
If to make my things better I’m keen?
For I’m not the richest,
To help people even at their weakest;
Let the things go with the flow,
Even if it goes really slow;
For there exists God,
He’ll help everyone to get through any odd;
And with this belief I still crave,
To secure the best position when in grave !

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