Always Hope But Never Expect

Always hope

Always hope but never expect.

31 thoughts on “Always Hope But Never Expect”

  1. The Gross, Subtle, Mental and God are all within you in human form. Don’t try to find Subtle, Mental and God in some other world. It is in you in human form. It is just the change in the vision of consciousness which gives the change of experiencing different planes and worlds.
    Meher Baba <3

  2. Dear PA,kindly say that this quote is by none other than Buddha,kindly do give the names of famous people which U seldom do.this isn’t a good practice,since the Journal’s popular 1 hopes to C the names in future.witj Much Regards.

    1. Thanks Dear PA for your timely response & I’m a regular page member in your posts kindly publish them as & when U feel ‘cos I always give valid answers & U should do the needful from your end & If at all U do..Do mention Thought courtesy By putting my name like the other pages does,wherever I write.So long With Regards.

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