‘Alone’ Tiny Tales

'Alone' Tiny Tales

By Saffiya Ibrahim 

Here i sit
Alone again
Resounding questions
What if
What now
What then

Stifling darkness
An endless fall
No one hears
When i call

Broken heart
Lost dreams
Silent tears
Soundless screams

Will none take notice of this
shattered being?
Will they forever pass by

By Rinku Shah 

That feeling of being Alone!
Can never be shown,
You feel the pain in every bone,
Shout, scream or moan.

Shaken out of your comfort zone!
Wish I had known,
This is not what I had sown,
Suddenly off guard I was thrown.

Darkness engulfed me while the sun shone!
To hurt I was prone,
Like a dried leaf I was blown,
Turned to stone.

I know I’ve finally grown…
Time to set the tone,
Ascend to my throne,
Coz I know what it’s to be Alone!

By Gabrielle Cheek 

Alone I sit
Alone I stay.
I wage a battle
every day.
I fight alone.
Alone I cry.
And all alone
I say goodbye.
The life I lead,
The love I choose.
Alone I conquer.
Alone I lose.
Alone I rise.
Alone I fall.
And all alone
I hear the call.
I face the truth.
I face the pain.
And all alone
The prize I gain.
The beauty,
Beaten, battered,
And all alone,
The love we own,
Only us
And us alone.

By Shruti Ramesh 

Alone is not aloof,
Alone is not a spoof.
Alone is liberation,
Alone is creation.
Alone is not addictive,
Alone is not seductive.
Alone is finding you,
Alone is proud and true.

By Nicole Roe 

Cheers loneliness.
Here’s to you,
keeping me company
whatever I do.

By Eva Schuitemaker 

You feel truly alone when there is nowhere to come home

By Swati Chauhan 

Nobody is alone as long as you be yourself .
Loneliness enters when we try to be someone else.

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