The Word Was ALMOST



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By Aima Martinez 


I stood in front of your room
On that cold rainy evening.
Wanted to be with you on that lonely night.
What if I knock? If I did? Would you let me inside?

I heard you crying one faithless night
You had no one to hold but your old guitar.
I felt your pain, and it hurts me too
I’m afraid because I think I love you.

I’m just a wall away from you, room next to you
If only I had the courage to knock,
Would there be you and I?
Would there be love, or at least can we try?

Six years past, again we say hello there and hi!
I’m married, you’re single and you asked why?
The way you smiled and looked at me
I saw sadness, anger, and shame.

You said “I was there almost every night.
I tried to knock but all I did was stood there
And wait for you to turn off your lights.
I’m sorry, I’m afraid to admit that I love you.”

I smiled but my tears fall so fast.
Almost… oh boy! Oh, my!
We both tried, it’s a shame we’re too afraid
We lost it, our almost love.



By Rinn Zerrudo



She is running, her legs straining to move even faster — as fast as her feet can take her down that stony path to— she doesn’t even know where she’s going. Anywhere, anywhere, just away from all this. She is almost breathless, ivory-colored satin billowing as the wind gushes past her. She just wanted to get away— needed to get away.

Her pace falters a bit as she reaches down and grabs a handful of her skirts, taking her shoes off as well. Now she is running again, her skirts bunched around one arm and her shoes gripped by her free hand.

He is running after her, calling her name in a frantic voice accompanied by a staccato of short, ragged breaths.

“Wait!” he cries, never breaking stride. “Please!”

She halts. 

He staggers a little, surprised by the abruptness, and stops, too, a few feet away. Nobody says anything for a few minutes; only the sound of their labored breathing cuts into the silence. He starts to say something but his voice gets trapped in his throat as she turns sharply to face him.

“Can you please just let me think for five minutes?” Her voice is high, almost hysterical. The alarm there is unmistakable.

He falls silent, looking at her helplessly. When she raises her eyes up to his, she sees how his tears are staining his cheeks. She realizes she is crying, too. He looks at her, eyes pleading, but he doesn’t say a word. She closes her eyes then, her shoulders slumping forward in resignation. She couldn’t bear it. Couldn’t bear seeing him like this.

But she doesn’t know what to do.



By Kaitlyn Bell


When I realized what had happened I almost lost it. How could someone do such a thing? My fists have never clenched so tightly in my life. With rage emanating from my body I walked right up to him ready, determined to make my point. As soon as our eyes met all of it vanished. My mind went completely blank. I felt all my muscles start to release their hold on my bones. Who was this man and how did he have this effect on me? I almost lost it with rage and now I’ve just lost it.


By Mâ Tera


You almost helped me dig my grave
By saying words that stab my heart
You almost took everything away
Like I didn’t deserve to have them from the start

You made sure I don’t grow wings
So I couldn’t soar high up the sky
Learned only obedience, 
With just a look in your eyes

I was at your mercy
Every day of my life
You cut my wings, and then blame me
Call me


Is this right?

You put shackles on my body
The heavy ones at that
Why make me feel like I’m a burden
You always act like that

The only fault I had
Was that I let you control me
The only regret I had
Was that I was too blind to see you didn’t love me

It’s only because I loved you
And thought what we had was true
But somehow, I got tired
For almost doing things I shouldn’t have done

But the time has come to free


Do my best to sew my wings back?

And maybe try to live again
Oh I almost forgot, first I should say goodbye


By Sulekha Pande



They were a team….

The two of them, scamming people ever since they were both 11.
Grown up in the cruelest slum of the city, they’d certainly come up the hardest possible way. 
Started with petty thefts here and there, graduating to pick-pocketing, they had lost their souls along the way. Faced sexual and racial abuse, unwanted advances by random people, they’d toughened up now.

They were now both internet scammers. 

Befriending rich and retired people of opposite sex, and gradually phishing and scamming them out of their money, they never left a trail…
They changed names often.

She was extremely possessive of him, almost to the level of being manic if he even looked at someone else.
He was so caught up in his own web now, that he couldn’t, even if he’d wanted to.
Every night they checked on social sites, for probable and gullible preys….

They decided on a very average looking


widow, apparently very rich and decided that she’s the next target.
He got to work almost immediately.
It took him 4 months and


a lot of night chats to wind her in…..

But this time something happened, which he had not expected at all.
The lady was so lonely and nice that he found himself feeling guilty of trying to cheat her out of her money….
Once or twice he tried backing out, but his partner would reprimand him sternly.
She was getting restless and he had no option but to do what they’d


all along…..
She was overjoyed at their biggest haul, but he was morose and silent…..
She looked at him and asked, “Don’t tell me you fell for that old bat?”
And laughed derisively……

He didn’t have the heart to tell her the one word that came to his mind and heart…..




By Jackie De Klerk


 Life is a gamble, in every aspect. You either risk it or lose it. 

She has risked it all and almost lost herself. She woke up one morning and had an epiphany, right there and then she realized the art of the game… 

‘They’ say that everyone has a soulmate. She didn’t believe ‘them’ after numerous heartbreaks, she solely believed in the art of her game. Fight for what she wanted, then leave when she had enough.

Four months ago, a man entered her life for the second time. She felt a connection like never before. Even though they were far from perfect, everything else made perfectly sense. Two months ago she made her move to leave, she was satisfied with what she got. No need for more. She fell asleep with a peaceful heart and woke up to the alert of her phone. It was him, he’s back! She stuck around to test the shore. She remained satisfied, like stilling your hunger with just enough food. No need for more.

Today she made the final move. Placed him in checkmate. Sure that he will not return for the third time. Tonight she wonders if ‘they’ were right by saying that everyone has a soulmate. While she laid in bed, she came to the startling reality that she has a deep void. 

Right now she realized that she had almost lived happily ever after with her soulmate. She’s feeling the harsh reality that the game she played was against herself. So much need for more.


By Aditi Saxena 


You are almost there. But still not. 

You almost did it. But still not. 

You almost wrecked my hopes. But still not. 

You almost made me feel miserable. But still not. 

You almost died. But still not.

You almost got the stardom. But still not. 

You almost baked the cake. But still not. 

You almost flew the plane. But still not. 

An ‘almost’ ain’t the finish line ever. But it does make a situation sound like an almost achieved one.


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