All the World is Mad – Mind Talk

All the World is Mad - Mind Talk

It’s hard to ignore what’s happening around the world. Its even harder to imagine how one would even react if they were in that situation. Between Orlando and Now Istanbul who’s to say that it’s not all connected.

Who’s to say that it is.

Does it really matter?

Either way people have died.  Unexpectedly your life will either end, or you survive completely traumatized.

  • I’ve seen death twice
  • I’ve died once
  • I’ve had many near misses
  • I’ve seen many angels do their best work.

But I’ve also experienced Karma…..Good, and Bad.

Does that mean I walk around unafraid?

It’s “Que sera sera “right?

I could also live in fear.

Blame modern technology!, blame the Illuminati!!! , blame those damn foreigners!!!, It’s the aliens!!,  No global warming has created a shift to planet Earth so the humans are killing one another to survive!! !!!!!!!!!!!. 



What’s happening around the world is scary because it’s always unexpected.


Sometimes I wonder if faced with the choice; would one prefer to live surviving tragedy or die tragically……

But wait ,I’ve lived though both..

sort of.

It’s the goth in me talking.

The saddest part in all of this is not the fear of loosing your life unexpectedly to tragedy , nor even loosing someone else. The tragedy is allowing this fear to engulf our thoughts so much that we begin to recreate wars that have already been fought and won, or we live in fear masked with such venomous anger that we remain stuck . What’s worse is when we spread that hatred to those we’ve bred and groomed with the ideals of holding titles earned to stand tall with prestige as Mr. or Mrs President.

One would be in complete denial to act oblivious to the True Reality that’s happening all around us . It’s a scary shift when we begin to view our lives in a much broader perspective.



Better to make each day count for a bit more while fighting towards seemingly unobtainable dreams.

If it’s not a terrorist, it’s a stalker, mother nature, car accident, plane crash, natural causes, cancer, mental illness, psychopath, or an overdose.

It’s hard to be UNaffected by what’s going on . But Between the thoughts in my head telling me to stay inside forever and never leave the house, or the little girl that believes “when you wish upon a star your dreams come true.”

If I stop to think about it any longer I’ll never get anywhere.

The world is a Fucking mess from politics, to foreign affairs, to Mr/Mrs.Racist homophobe raised by small minded Bigots from bumbafuck Southern no man’s land.

It’s a much more enjoyable journey to smile, laugh, and dance all the while mourning no matter how much easier it is to curl up and cry with fear.

Always Love

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