Why All Of Your Suffering Was Totally Worth It

Why All Of Your Suffering Was Totally Worth It
Your Suffering

Seen in this light, all of our sufferings are a gift.

Your suffering allows you to become:

– More compassionate.

– More empathetic.

– Less judgmental of others experiences.

– More self-aware.

– More self-loving and self-compassionate.

– More aware of relationships that don’t serve you, and more able to remove yourself from them.

– More resilient under pressure.

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Does suffering automatically allow you to become this way? No. You have to do some healing work on the suffering in order to have it turn to compassion, resilience, and self-love.

Your pain has to be felt… experienced… lived through. Buried pain does not turn into compassion and self-love… it turns into judgment, physical tension, illness, anxiety, and depression.

Compassion comes from healed pain.

Whether it’s immediately apparent or not, your suffering was all worth it.

And the gifts that you gleaned from your most traumatic experiences will only become more apparent with time.

Dedicated to your success.

Written By Jordan Gray
Originally Appeared On JordanGrayConsulting.com
Printed with permission

Suffering is always seen as an undesirable and bad thing when it comes to dealing with life. Yes, pain is tough to handle, but what you must realize is that your suffering pushes you to be a better, and smarter person. Your suffering makes you who are. See it as a lesson that life is imparting to you.

All Of Your Suffering Was Worth It
Why All Of Your Suffering Was Totally Worth It Pin

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