All Of Your Suffering Was Worth It

You don’t become numb to the earthquakes, you just feel stronger and more resilient because your foundation is increasingly wide.

This is life. Experiences keep coming at you. You live them, you feel them. And every now and then, your life gets shaken up by something significant. Everything crumbles to the ground.

And yet, over time, it gets easier to deal with because you become more resilient. You can say with confidence “I have felt a pain like this before, and it didn’t break me… so I will get through this as well.”

All Of Your Suffering Was Worth It

No matter what you have been through, it has made you who you are today.

It has made you stronger, more resilient, and more able to be a pillar of support for others that you cross paths with.

For so many years of my life, I thought that life was just happening to me. I thought that all of my sufferings was unnecessary… that the pain I was experiencing was just life being cruel.

I eventually came to realize that life wasn’t happening to me, it was happening for me.

We can only ever experience true compassion and deep empathy when we have been through something similar to the person we are being an emotional support too. And with each life experience that I went through, I was then that much more able to be a supportive healer for every person who was currently suffering in a way similar to what I had gone through. I was able to move from “That sounds awful” to “I’ve been there. I get it. It’s absolutely the worst.” and have it mean that much more.

Seen in this light, all of our sufferings is a gift.

Your suffering allows you to become:

– More compassionate

– More empathetic

– Less judgmental of others experiences

– More self-aware

– More self-loving and self-compassionate

– More aware of relationships that don’t serve you, and more able to remove yourself from them

– More resilient under pressure

Does suffering automatically allow you to become this way? No. You have to do some healing work on the suffering in order to have it turn to compassion, resilience, and self-love.

Your pain has to be felt… experienced… lived through. Buried pain does not turn into compassion and self-love… it turns into judgment, physical tension, illness, anxiety, and depression.

Compassion comes from healed pain.

Whether it’s immediately apparent or not, your suffering was all worth it.

And the gifts that you gleaned from your most traumatic experiences will only become more apparent with time.

Dedicated to your success.


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Written By Jordan Gray
Originally Appeared On
Printed with permission


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All Of Your Suffering Was Worth It

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