I Gave You $10

I Gave You

I gave you $10,
He gave you $20.
You felt that he was better just because he gave you more. But he had $200 dollars, and all I had was $10.

30 thoughts on “I Gave You $10”

  1. It’s a tough one these days, since “Money” is the main focus in relationships these days!! But hold on, cause one day you will be rewarded for the time that you invested the good qualities into your relationship! When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!!

  2. Lol this is hilarious. She never wanted your money, if she did she wasn't the right one in the first place. She just didn't expect you to remind her of the 10$ every fucking time and make her feel like she owes you shit…

  3. What a hero with a big heart…
    when it comes to love matters….love is not bought by any amount or material things…Love is given unconditionally, waiting nothing in return…
    The more real moments will be experience together when there is connection between the minds, hearts and souls that will strengthen the fabric of a relationship…:)

  4. Amen. My ex made a big deal about giving a friend "his last $5". What she didn't know was that he promptly went around to other people, saying he was broke, and mooched $100 off them. "Loans" that were never repaid, because he never repays loans.

  5. in africa my experience was that the poorest even share their last handful of rice while the richer they got the more they started to demand from you ๐Ÿ™ money corrupts ๐Ÿ™

  6. Even if you give nothing i will still love you… my love for you is unconditional
    i just hope my best knew that…
    i love you and miss you so much…

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