When I make It All About You!

This is why it’s hard to hold on to this dream of you!

You have so much grudge and I understand, but you won’t see it!

You try to keep me around, but you call me clingy!

You tell me you need me, but won’t admit I am there!

You ask me to be honest, but you find it difficult to embrace!

You say you are jealous, but you wouldn’t check on me!

You say you don’t have what you can give and even if you do you won’t, but I take it!

You judge me all the time, and I allow it!

You talk and I listen;

You want and I give;

You can’t and I understand;

You need and I embrace;

You leave and I wait;

You disappear and I stay;

You ignore me and it makes me sad,

You are harsh with me and it aches my heart,

You say the slightest nice things and I live on them,

You take no initiatives and I don’t complaint,

I live as your pet hoping one day you’ll pat!

I take all your downs hoping one day I’ll be your up!

I stay with you in all your dark places hoping one day I become your good place!

Somehow I am living a life without you, while my heart desires you, my arms long for you and my mind craves your voice and smile…. But it is not the same for you.

This dream is so about you and so are you… you are all about you

This is not to blame or tame… this is to reclaim and proclaim

When I made it all about you; I was actually doing it for me…

It is after all MY DREAM!



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