When did we become so uncomfortable with human interaction? with raw emotion? with the freedom of expression? with the deep speech? with thinking and sharing? with beholding and caring?
How can we be so badly in need of something and deny it when it is presented to us? how can we be too scared to become? how can you run too far from fulfillment? how can we hide from the light?
Why do we resist? why do we fear? why do we escape? why do we confuse? why do we assume? why do we find it so hard to believe in ‘the possible’?
It is a shame we no longer tolerate the pure unconditional human presence of another being who simply craves nothing more than our coexistence… it is agonizing to see so many lonely and socially isolated people choosing to be constantly distracted than have a conversation, shut themselves up than enjoy confrontation, indulge in noise than listen to the overwhelming silence or someone else’s presence!!!!
Tormented souls lost in the abyss and consumed by this noisy unfulfilling so-called life… a conditioned and framed standard designed so seamlessly from them to chose; over making the effort towards a genuinely nourishing interaction that may shake them and move them and urge them to grow into the truly marvelous creatures they were meant to become!
We… homo sapiens; the most influential species on Earth; would now barely move an inch to shift a thought to take an action to do something to make a difference…. the slightest difference… to simply just look up and notice… to pause and breath… to reach out and feel… to use our senses and retain our sensibility!
It is as sad as choosing to quite on life too soon before you know what life is all about in the first place… It is as damaging as putting off a fire before you are warm enough to survive… It is as wasteful as not scratching this gift card because you are too scared to chip your nails!!!!
I will not yield to sequacity… I will presume vagarity…I will cling to my gut feeling to have the guts and be a bel-esprit…
I chose to embrace peripatetic anoesis and bow to the elysian selcouth odds of my ‘possible’!
I shall be aliferous and vociferously live.

Aliaa Hussein Abbas