Aimless Feelings

My thoughts burlesque
mysterious ocean to you.
The moments I presage them,
the traipsing appear in your eyes.
Your intent to evade the talks,
I can read on your face.

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The commotions in my mind
aren’t inane and no-marrow words.
What makes you shelter your thoughts?
Hardly ever permitting a careless whisper
escape and liberate from your lips;
and this you give a name of self-control.

Perhaps, in a way it is.
but the intention is too frivolous.
An endless tumult may halt…
barely granting me a glimpse
of where your emotions really lie.

Hardly I know what compels you to cloak,
but I need you to unveil often more.
Even if you don’t have the patience,
let it be the pretense to know me.
Wishfully, I could at least know you better.

~Monika Ajay Kaul

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Monika Ajay Kaul
B-School Academician by profession.Like to read literature; Painting , my passion; Learning to express through writings !!A day-dreamer 🙂