Affections – Mind Talk

Affections - Mind Talk

Reach to me, hold to me, lie with me, breathe gently and close the space between. Wrap me in the warmth that melts all confusion. Sink then, below the surface of our pool of hopes and dreams. Swim among passions and fury where once we rest. This hour holds promise as a blank canvas holds vision creating itself in thine hands. Jagged edges slow with the rise and fall of shared restful breaths. Shape our affections bearing no greed or sacrifice. Hold no promise but dream alone of peace within this moment. Humor saves grief and keeps comfort close. Forbidden lie our rational excuse, just allow what is beyond understanding to prevail. Unfold to me the burdens and imaginations of your desires. Allow loss not to leave barren these walls, but to adorn them with the riches of a heart once full. Mediate my need to keep yet release your spirit. Remember peace to the comforts of joy amidst sorrow. Keep tender to the cherished harmony of our union. Soak amidst the quiet pace of amore found whole and soar, beloved abound.

By Angela Shepherd

My Mind Talk Series, A series devoted to our readers. Does your Mind do a lot of thinking too ? Do you have questions to ask ? A Poem, A question, an article or any thought that wants to be shared. Pour them here. Click the Submit button and we will publish it on our Site. Why let that thought Sink ? Let it be free Write on.. 🙂 Let the Mind Talk Begin


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