Advice For The Zodiac Signs

Advice For The Zodiac Signs

Advice For Them  

Aries: Stop thinking you annoy everyone, because you don’t  

Taurus: You may have dark days but you’re so damn strong  

Gemini: Keep talking, no one ever gets bored  

Cancer: You think no one cares but someone actually does  

Leo: Underneath all that pride and vanity, you help a lot of people  

Virgo: Stop thinking you can’t do anything right, because you can  

Libra: Keep giving advice, you help a lot of people  

Scorpio: Your “bad personality” is just a cover, show people your true self  

Sagittarius: Stop thinking no one will accept your flaws, give it a try  

Capricorn: Stop caring about what other people say about you, you’re awesome  

Aquarius: You think no one notices you but you’re really important  

Pisces: Don’t let anyone stand in the way of your dreams, keep going


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