Add Peace and Harmony to Your Living Space with These Plants


Add Peace and Harmony to Your Living Space with These Plants

Peace and Harmony to Your Living Space with These Plants

People love to redecorate their home for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s because your home has looked the same for many years and could use a modern touch, and other times it’s because it’s fun to rearrange things to give your home a new feel. This spring, try bringing home some new plants to give your home new life.

Every plant does something different for the person they’re around. Some plants are just so visually gorgeous that you can’t help but feel better when you look at them, but there are some that actually promote the right kind of vibes. Read up on some of the plants that will add peace and harmony to your home. You might find that the kind of mental clarity you’re looking for can come from a plant that requires very little care. Plus, you’ll get a cute decorative addition to whatever room you put them in.

1.  Aloe Vera

When you went swimming as a kid, you probably had your fair share of sunburns, or maybe you struggled with dry skin in the winter. At some point, someone most likely pointed you in the way of aloe vera. It’s a calming succulent that provides a nourishing extract you can use for almost any bodily issue. Having some growing in your home will be like always having a backup plan if something goes wrong, and who doesn’t want that kind of peace of mind?

2.  Jasmine

The jasmine flower is one of a kind because of how it attracts positive energy to help create a good environment for relationships to thrive. It also offers multiple health benefits for stressed minds. Grow it indoors near a south-facing window, and when it starts to go out of season, dry and hang it for a rustic chic look.

3.  Bamboo

When you think of bamboo being used in a home, you might think of more common things like bamboo cutting boards or even fences. It can actually be used to decorate too since there are easy ways to use bamboo as home décor. This plant has been known throughout cultures as standing for peace and harmony, so use some in your home where you find yourself the most stressed.

4.  Money Plant

This plant is also known as the golden pothos or silver vine. Feng Shui teaches that the plant attracts good luck and fortune. If you want to try to grow this, know that it will extend either out along the ground by its pot or up a trellis. Place it in a corner to help the plant shoot upward and extended positive vibes out into the room it’s in.

5.  Chrysanthemum

If you want to grow a nice pot of flowers, look no further than the chrysanthemum. It comes in a range of colors and looks like the classic daisy because it has a yellow center and bursting petals. This flower blooms optimism and joy, so it’s best grown in a sunny spot where you find yourself feeling down sometimes. It won’t take long before you can feel the effects of this gorgeous plant.

Sometimes life gets hard and it’s difficult to find a reason to be happy or feel good about where you are in your personal journey. Let plants step in and help you get back up on your feet and stay that way. Certain plants can bring such joy and harmony to your home and your life that you’ll wonder why you haven’t always had them there in the first place. Try growing one or two for yourself and give your plant and yourself time to grow strong and conquer any negativity that comes your way.

Add Peace and Harmony to Your Living Space with These Plants
Add Peace and Harmony to Your Living Space with These Plants

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