Actions Speak Louder or Words?

The saying goes actions speak louder than words. I agree to it completely.
But personally I have come across many incidences of myself being wooed to words rather than actions.
The day I am upset about something, and I had a friend who was working at the back-end trying to fix things for me. and this other person who was just sitting by my side and saying words of comfort.
And somehow I was more inclined to the second one.
Logic does say actions are louder –
But if now I try seeing things from a different perspective –
We say we are in control of our everything. Right ? Now if anything is upsetting – It is to be changed by ‘self’ only. Now how is the first person going to change situations for me ?
Can he wear my shoes each time ? or walk the road for me ?
The second person in this situation tries fixing Me than my Situations.
Now that’s really Something to me.
Makes sense ? Does it ?
What’s your view now?
What speaks louder ?
Actions or Words ??

87 thoughts on “Actions Speak Louder or Words?”

  1. Yes words are an essential way to convey a thought emotion or action, perhaps. if we stop there and don't follow through with an action of what has been said then it eventually means nothin; which to me at the very discouraging but …tells all.

  2. May be we are conditioned to perceive what we hear faster than what we see …..may be it is because it takes less effort from our ends to just listen ,agree or disagree than to see,understand and analyze…. May be words have faster effect ….

  3. The first person said the words in silence in their mind than acted on them. This is kind of a control thing not revealing intentions before acting. Maybe the action was beneficial even though you did not feel it. It is by far better to empower people than take the power from them by doing it for them. You are the one who has to live with the consequences of your decision and yes the decision you make will affect others, which is why people leave when a person makes certain decisions. The words you heard are important if the motivate and inspire you to help yourself.

  4. Yes indeed, & then act fooloshly surprised when actions are contracdictory to the words. If we consistently break our word by our actions we will eventually become silenced with no one around us.

  5. It is all relative. I could give examples about how actions envolve much more love and dedication than a few words that are gone with the wind.. .i recognize too that are words full of empathy and feelings that make so good.. .it can' t be generalized.

  6. Words are reaction towards actions,this two things has own value,according to our lives we utilise both, sometimes actions are only required and words keeps silence and sometimes words sounds different than actual's up to you how you present your case.

  7. Why are you letting someone try and fix it for you while you go cry on the shoulder of someone else? Sounds like one is dealing with your physical needs and one your emotional, and you're not really dealing with any of it. They're both propping you up, which we all need from time to time but neither will ultimately be fixing you or your situation, that starts and ends with you. Your words and actions are the ones you should be worried about, what do they say to the friends trying to help you?

  8. I get your point but I think that is so because the effect of actions can be seen after the act,but with words it all happens immediately…but if the one who acts were to stop,the second person really would be seen as a liar when they say "it will be alright"

  9. …words which are spoken is an action…actions begin with words spoken silently within ones mind and perhaps require action or not…words that imply action is needed should be ''backed-up''…

  10. I think both. Sometimes words are only what we have because of different circumstances and they work anyway. And their effect is immediate. Acts are made in silence, are sometimes hidden and are notorious only in time.. ..and perhaps demand more effort, not seen in the moment. We realize that later.. ..both have the same good intentions but what we receive first seems to have more value and it don' t.. .

  11. Maybe we need to see it from different perspective. We need help and healing at different levels. Some come to help us to keep our house in order. Some to keep our souls in order. The first one is tangible. Is more gross. Is more visible and hence more appreciated. The second ones are empaths, healers, listeners…they comfort you at a deeper level. I speak to many people, who just feel better after speaking to me. I am unable to do much physically for them. But my energy is healing. My presence peaceful. So, I won't say words don't help. It all depends on what you are seeking. A comfortable presence or a comforting absence!

    1. There are actions that will have their effects in the future like all parents do for their children. They are both, practical and spiritual at the same time, actions full of love and hope for them that are recognized in time.. .

  12. A person who is is climbing to touch the zenith of the Mount Everest , his mind speaks first and then bofy follows specially the last 1500 meters. If someone think that he or she the controller og self , is probably a general misconception. Your support backend staff was playing his or her role but the person who was indirectly trying to cool down your temporary pchycological depression is also having deeper impact in psyche. . So actions of life follow words.

  13. The actions of another person regarding your situation is useless. Because the situation along with the emos belong to you, then so does the accountability factor ( what part did I play in this) and the responsibility factor (what can I do in this moment to repair, replenish or recycle this to a newness)…just my mind thoughts about yours.

    1. Your mind thoughts do go in line with mine.
      I feel so many times, my situations are best tackled by me. And I know too exactly what is to be done.
      The only thing I look forward to are words at that time. Someone telling me, what I already know 🙂

  14. Human psychology.. Words Can Fool Your Heart But Actions Can Change Your Situation *watch 3idiots 'All Is Well' * . Like If You Just Keep Talking About Success Without Working Hard Its Of No Use.

  15. I think that what a person does for you, not as directed by u, but on there own, is what speaks louder.

    I think words have a very profound affect on people, and in a lot of instance more so then actions.

    I'd say it all depends on the situation.

  16. When someone does it for you, you are disempowered, they are doing it. When someone stand beside you and encourages you and gives you the tools and skills to help yourself you are empowered. Education is empowerment. We consider it theory. Words that teach us to help ourselves. Any motivational speaker will tell you the right words spoken at the right time has great power.

  17. well it does make sense but then let's not over look the fact that comforting you is an action,it only makes sense to incline to the one worried about you rather than the situation,and in my own way those words "actions speak louder than words" actually mean give me attention don't say you gonna give me attention

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