Actions Speak Louder or Words?

The saying goes actions speak louder than words. I agree to it completely.
But personally I have come across many incidences of myself being wooed to words rather than actions.
The day I am upset about something, and I had a friend who was working at the back-end trying to fix things for me. and this other person who was just sitting by my side and saying words of comfort.
And somehow I was more inclined to the second one.
Logic does say actions are louder –
But if now I try seeing things from a different perspective –
We say we are in control of our everything. Right ? Now if anything is upsetting – It is to be changed by ‘self’ only. Now how is the first person going to change situations for me ?
Can he wear my shoes each time ? or walk the road for me ?
The second person in this situation tries fixing Me than my Situations.
Now that’s really Something to me.
Makes sense ? Does it ?
What’s your view now?
What speaks louder ?
Actions or Words ??

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