Acceptance Of Fallen Love

Perhaps, today , I realized one more thing about acceptance. It’s been almost 5 years since I fell in love. From that day on day on there’s not even a single day passed when I didn’t remembered you. I can’t tell specifically why I remember you everyday,  is it as lesson or that i miss you even today. You are there in my mind almost every time.  I tried everything i can do to forget you. No matter what I do I always fail.

Today I also came to realize that how bruises and scars are made on soul and heart. when you love someone or something so deeply that it get stucked deep within your heart and then there’s no way to come out. You can’t even forget about it, you can’t even get it out of your mind. And it tries to get outside of your heart only by breaking it. and you see, there’s  a bruise and slowly it fades into a scar to remember you everything for the rest of your life. and that’s how you are the biggest scar on heart.

Once back in lifetime I learned one of the most important lesson in my life and that is ‘ACCEPTANCE’. we cannot change the things but we can accept it. And that changes a lots of things. one of the hardest thing in an individuals life is to accept his own reality while living it, but eventually i did it.  And really it changed things a lot.  For me, now, forgetting you is biggest struggle in my life. so I tried accepting you, I thought that it might really  help me to forget you like it did before, but now it didn’t. And there I am again just like I was before. So accepting things that we cannot change has failed me this time. And again, all goes in vain. Maybe, now, I should stop everything and just start living with it. Because everytime it stays there, like an visible scar on my heart that nobody sees, nobody cares about. Now just only one option left that is not to tell or write about it. just ignore it as a lingering thought in the mind.

Not to speak about it. And not even to tell Myself ? Not to remember it ? Not to bear it ? Not to Bury it ? Just to live with it ? Will it help me ?

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