How Acceptance Is Different From Giving Up

How Acceptance Is Different From Giving Up

Everything is impermanent.  The bad and the good.  It’s important to remember that the struggles in life don’t last forever, and neither do the times that seem blissful or perfect.  Both will come and go and this is the natural ebb and flow of life.  It’s why the peace that comes with acceptance is so beautiful. 

Acceptance helps us be present in our circumstances so we can enjoy the good ones, because they aren’t going to last forever, and look for the lessons in the bad ones.  The concept of impermanence helps us accept.

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When I started the process of getting divorced, I was so attached to my life the way it was. I had labeled it as my normal, and when it crumbled with the split from my husband, I crumbled right along with it. 

My journey was learning not to attach to the way it was in the past or what I was experiencing at the time.  I was finding a new normal. The times where I had a cohesive family, beautiful house, and loving husband passed, and so did the times of severe depression and anxiety.  

At that time, I also had moments where I didn’t really care if I lived or not.  My choice was to accept my circumstances or work on accepting them, or give up.  I’m really glad I didn’t give up because, over time, the hard times gradually got better and better until I was able to accept them and move forward.  Acceptance feels like moving forward even though you want to improve.

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Knowing that everything is impermanent has helped me live a much happier life.  I have overcome the difficult times that my divorce brought, but I face new struggles all the time. 

At the same time, I am also blessed with times that are amazing, beautiful, and happy.  I am sure that I will be presented with other challenges in life that I will need to accept, but my life will continue to have happiness in it as well.  I’ve accepted that and I can move through these times, whether I view them as good or bad.

It is constant work to accept, but I think it is SO different than giving up.  What do you think?

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Written by: Kortney Rivard
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Acceptance Different Than Giving Up Pin
How Acceptance Is Different From Giving Up
How Acceptance Is Different From Giving Up pin
How Acceptance Is Different From Giving Up
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