Accept What You Can’t Control, Control What You Can

Coming to grips with what you can and can’t control opens the door to true emotional freedom and personal power.

 May 14, 2019

Accept What You Can't Control, Control What You Can

People often tell me how hard it is for them to connect with their guidance. Actually, connecting with your guidance is not hard at all when your frequency is high enough, which naturally occurs when you are truly in an intent to learn about what is loving to you.

But it is impossible to get your frequency high enough when you are blaming someone else, seeing yourself as a victim, trying to find a way to get the other person to change, abandoning yourself by ignoring your feelings, judging yourself, turning to addictions, eating junk food, and making someone else responsible for you.

What you CAN control is your own intent, your own frequency, your own responses, your own thoughts, and your own actions toward yourself and others.

Why waste energy trying to control what you can’t control? Why not just focus on what you can control – you!


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Written by  Dr. Margaret Paul
Originally appeared on  InnerBonding

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Accept What You Can't Control, Control What You Can

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