Accept These 5 Harsh Realities of Life to Live Comfortably

The existence of an individual human being, plants or animal is called life. It is a gift for all of us and we should use it wisely and If you want to live a happy and comfortable life then you have to know some of the harsh realities of life which are in the following:

You Have Money You Will Get Respect

If you want to earn respect then you have money otherwise no one will respect in the modern world. Money is a source to acquire everything in life. It is sad but one of the harsh realities of life.

One of The Main Reason of Pain in Life are Expectations

Famous Play writer William Shakespeare once said that Expectation is the root of all heartache. I feel always happy, do you know why? because I don’t expect anything from anyone, expectation always heart. So expect less If you want to live a comfortable and pain free life.

Making Everyone Happy is an Impossible Task

One of the most difficult and Impossible task is to please everyone. It is one the main reason which is responsible for stress and anxiety in your life. So if you want to live stress free life then stay away from the task of making everyone happy.

You are The Sailor of You Own Boat

If you want do something or become something in life then you have to the price for it whatever it takes. Only you can change your own life. No one can do it for you. So take charge of your life because you are the the sailor of your own boat.

Everyone Wants to be Successful But a Few of Them Achieve It

in the modern world, Becoming famous and successful is the dream of everyone, but few of them achieve this destination. The main reason for the failure of the majority is that they only visualise success in their minds but not take the necessary action to accomplish it.


As I earlier said that life is a gift and you and I are very lucky to have a gift like this. So, for living peacefully and comfortably we should know and admit the realities of life that’s why I have shared the harsh realities of life. I hope you will agree with my point of view regarding this topic.

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