The Abused Become The Abuser

The Abused Become The Abuser
Rick Tollczyk

The abused
become the abuser.



Charanjeet Kaur

Don’t pass your hurt
Spread love instead


Adam Wessel

You only know
what you’ve been taught



Karla Campos

History repeats itself,
but we must not let it.
As I raise my hand up,
I realize I must stop.
Break the cycle,
there is a better way.



Rinku Shah

The intention doesn’t matter,
The child’s self-confidence will shatter.
A bruised child may nothing say
But a broken adult
is a heavy price to pay.
Mend your way!



Nabin Baral

I was blessed with a birthmark
that was given to me as a child
and I am passing it onto you
so you could remember
how much I loved you.



Priyanka Tripathi

People pass on their hurt
onto others
This is how pain pass
through generations
And unfortunately,
we call it genetic problems



Lisa Conwell

This hurts me more
than it hurts you



Kaitlyn Jones

And unknowingly,
even unintentionally,
what’s done unto us,
we do unto them.



Paron Matam Richo

When a father hurts his child
he hurt himself.
This picture illustrates a father’s love



Chinhita Bose – Chinchi

Transfer your strength to your child,
not your scars and pain.
Break this vicious circle
do not leave
your future generations in bane.



Sulekha Pande

And the abuse continues,
generation after generation.



Felicia Holmes

Violence breeds violence.



Monica Clark

Learned behavior



Katarzyna Dela

Don’t pass by
the wounds

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