10 Signs You Have Above Average Empathy

Signs Above Average Empathy

8. Nature heals you

Every time you’re out hiking or just visiting the park you feel connected with nature. Nature has the power to heal empaths, recharge them and bring back down to heart. Nature feels like home and empaths can feel a joy and a strong presence of some protective and healing force in there.

9. You avoid confrontation

Empaths are sensitive, so confrontation is their worst nightmare. You hate it when it’s among friends – because taking sides – kill you inside. Confrontations can be extremely draining for empaths. They always prefer being rational, avoid conflicts and don’t like upsetting people. They absorb other people’s emotions at a deep level, so their nervous system gets overwhelmed easily. Empaths love to sort things out in a calm manner.

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10. You get overwhelmed emotionally

Picking up on emotions of any kind comes with its own prices to pay. You pick up other emotions as well as feel your own emotions intensely. It can quickly become way too much. That requires strong emotional regulation and self-care skills, else you will suffer from emotional fatigue and exhaustion.

10 Signs You Have Above Average Empathy
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