A Wish For Utopia (Vs Addiction)

wish for utopia

A guy named Mike is suffering from an incurable disease the doctors are performing tests and monitoring his heartbeats, he is in hospital. It’s the year 2019. A young man enters a room with a box and gives it to a doctor. The doctor tells Mike to close his eyes and after a moment Mike sees a different world a different dimension out of curiosity and wonder he forgot his pain and even the feeling that he is sick and is in hospital. Mike is now seeing a virtual world the dopamine and serotonin level rises and he feels like a new born child. A day passed now Mike has access to everything he wants. He now sits in a virtual social gathering to make thousands of friends looking at a world like he wanted it to be. He can see whatever he wants to know everything is perfect. He is now living a completely luxury life as he saw in movies a world of fantasy but everything is looking really like the world was like this from the beginning. Mike now only takes off his headset when he goes to sleep but in the morning the first thing he does is put it back on. He feels incomplete without it like a blind cyborg who needs to put his eyes back to see the visual. After 2 years Mike is standing at the street corner and something hit him in the face a feeling of emptiness a feeling that nothing is enough. He began to feel anxiety depression and had his first panic attack as he runs into a car and fell everything went blank and dark.

He opens his eyes and found a doctor standing in front of him. He asked what is this place. The doctor says it’s not that important. Listen you are sick and we need to go through some updates your headset is outdated. He tells him to put the glasses on telling him it’s the cure as soon as Mike puts them on he sees a room blank wall no icons no screen nothing. Does he get panic wh where I’m where everything is gone? This is real this is everything. Mike confused blankly minded as he touches the walls chair and other things he notices that some distorted images are coming into his mind his childhood memories his friends. Mike says doctor I’m bored everything is confusing there is nothing to be surprised about anything that left to have a pursuit of wonder. Is boring a sickness he asked? No, the doctor replies it’s being human Mike realizes that he has gotten a new life and spending this moment with his own self. Without seeking escape from anything but accepting what it is to be a human. he seeks excitement and something new but the most unfortunate thing is he left unsatisfied even after the most satisfying experiences of his life the more you seek excitement to raise your dopamine levels triggering your happiness at the end of the day or a year things will start to look absurd confusing and boring…


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