A Way Will Emerge, Just Survive!

A Way Will Emerge, Just Survive!

Wandering through the labyrinths of your thoughts, what did you find?

Devils, darkness or light?

Stop! Stop those steps & wait!

I know, I understand,

That each and every thought echoes the same,

That you’re done. That you won’t try again.

But, stop. Stop hearing those.

Wait, place that palm on the left of your chest

Did you feel? Those rhythmic beats?

Yes! Those beats, Your life!

Till the day your heart beats, you have possibilities, numerous possibilities!

Do not stop. Do not give up.

‘Living your life’, at this moment is difficult, I understand,

But survive, just SURVIVE!

Survive this anxiety drowning you,

Shout at those devils laughing,

Fight, Struggle, Rest, but do not quit.

Every phase passes,

Then how can you think this won’t?

This shall pass too.

Till then,

Just Survive!

Survive to open your eyes to the new dawn.

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