A Toast

A Toast

I want to make a toast to you

For all the things I’ve been through

Because of your smiling cruelty

I acquired skills against the enemy  

To ensure myself of my own safety


toast for the time I have suffered

Without it I would not have learned

Understanding what is torture

Able to grasp the word mature

In this mental anarchy no future


Well, a toast to everyone I remember

Who endeavors to bring me under

Passage that made me stronger

Wanting to rise really high

Taking life as a grateful delight


toast to you, the ordinary

You showed me it is not jolly

To be in the norm of society

Appreciating my difference

My world has just enhance  


Finally, a toast to you, martyrs

Hope you are somehow happier

If not, maybe it is possible

Humans can change their label

Faith, key to be unbeatable


A Toast

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