A Time Of Karmic Balance

A Time Of Karmic Balance

A time of Karmic Balance is upon us.

Where a lot of natural disasters are unfolding to balance the ignorance of the West, to recognize the role of the indigenous and keeping the realms of nature (elemental/spirit, plant/animal) in balance.

I say ignorance, but I also know the truth of the divine plan. The perfect unfolding and suffering as the mechanism for awakening and realization. This is Karmic Balance.

The perpetuation of indigenous culture and homeland by the West is now seeing its karmic outplay.

Nature’s Law is righteous, with fires in the Brazilian Amazon, to California, to now Australia burning up (just to name a few).

Mother Nature is furious.

What will it take for the human ego of separation and individualism, to realize it is intimately connected to the whole?

And that Mother Nature is the supreme intelligence?

CHAOS will purge the ego.

And from CHAOS comes order.

What can we do now?

Pray to those we have neglected.

Mother Nature wants to hear you.

The elementals want to hear you.

Let’s focus on the current CHAOS (Australia is lighting up with fires).

In Australia (also expressed in many indigenous cultures) we have the RAINBOW SERPENT / WATER DRAGONS.

The indigenous Australians, in their wisdom, would organize rituals to give gratitude, thanks and energetic exchange to these elemental beings, for their role in the divine play – in the realms of spirit to procure rain when necessary.

Water Dragons are in every indigenous culture and are the Supreme beings of the Water element and in the CURRENT NOW – because of human ignorance – have withdrawn their grace from this world.

Many of the Supreme Elementals have withdrawn their grace – until the human ego transcends, and the soul intelligence of the planet as a collective arises to a level of attunement that they are recognized and reinvited back to the realms of Man.

A CALL to reconnect with the Elementals.

To ask them for support – for recognition – return from hiding – as they play an important role in the Balance of realms (SPIRIT and MATTER).

A CALL to the Rainmakers.

Arise now, speak the tongue, it’s organically in your DNA, speak to the Mother (and thus the elementals).

A CALL to Humanity.

We will be continually tested.

May we UNITE as one VOICE, so the MOTHER can hear us.

SHE can end this CHAOS.

MAY we realize our INTERCONNECTION with LIFE.


May the love in all our hearts prevail.





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