A Tear of fear!

A Tear of fear!

I woke up, with
Tears in my eyes.
I thought for a while
Trying to recall.

I see
No boundaries.
No buildings.
We, the people, are
Homeless again.
Just as before,
When we had nothing
Except for
Earth water air and trees.
But this time,
It’s different!
Something’s missing.
The water.
It’s gone.
Omg! It’s no-where!
I tried
Recalling the map.
But no!
It’s not there anymore.
I have no idea
What to do
Without water.
I cried and cried
For help.
And I woke up
With tears in my eyes.
And I know why.

It was just a dream;
A bad dream.
But why
Is it still there?
Is it the fear?
Fear of losing all
We’ve achieved till now?

Yes, and
I walked out
Of the door
And saw all!
All with tears,
Tears of fear.
Flowing like
The water,
All along the streets.
Towards the river,
Filling them
With water
All again.

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