Strangers To Friends


Strangers to Friends to best friends to Lovers and then to Strangers again..  A stranger, stranger than a Stranger.
Does the circle ever start over again?
What do you have to say? Are you still friends with your past lover or strangers or lovers again?

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  1. Even if you shared good or bad things, there's no need to do anything. Each knows what they did and their contribution. Why it ended and such… Somethings are simply not meant to be…

  2. That site was overwhelming. Our eyes met and for a moment we gazed and dazed at each other as if we have known each other for decades. It seems like we both don't want to ratify that the things have gone so far and after a moments notice we both happened to come to our senses. And we became strangers once again which is the last remedy that happened t be turned out to be best at that moment. I left the place and tried to behave normal but didn't succeed for couple of days.

    I believe we behave so as we don't want to add more complexity to their life as we know their place will be indelible in our hearts though not in our lives.

  3. Yasar Y. Shaikh

    Pardon me I didn't read the whole comment.. But how can some one slap the person with whom he/she had enjoyed the most wonderful moments in the past.

  4. Yah, and strangers with all your secrets. Its like you've thrown yoir secrets and urself with them. And no, no the circle never starts again. WHO NEEDS RELATIONSHITS ANYWAY

  5. I find it's extremely hard. Particularly if you were lovers, the act is (at least for me) a solid bond. Plus, as a Spanish saying says: Once there was fire, ashes still remain, meaning, there's always some sort of chemistry there, and I don't think it's healthy to put yourself through a friendship after that with someone you've been attracted to, it's like dangling the carrot and no being able to have it. Having said this, many years can pass and you find these ex's in your life and you can be happy to see each other again (depending on how it ended + the circumstances) and there's a wonderful rekindle of emotions. It's complicated, I guess in the end it takes a lot of emotional maturity on both parts to remain friends, but I don't think you can be buddies after going through all you go through in relationship… It's idealistic to think so, but it really doesn't happen. Somehow, it all frizzles out and there is total disconnect. Then again, there are those that remain forever special, but never worked out for whatever cosmic reason the Universe, you or circumstances decided it was a no go…

  6. I remained friends with one ex lover, but the circumstances were that we worked together and she was single at the time. Once I left that job and she entered into a relationship she became a stranger once more, despite my attempts to facilitate. There is one other i still talk to, but we skipped the friends and best friend stage right to being lovers. I ended that and we still talk sometimes but not very often, I do visit her time to time but i think the circumstances rendered consequences that will prevent us from ever completing the cycle in its entirety. A valuable lesson learned. But I do like to remain friends or acquaintances at the least with exs, especially if its someone i poured my heart and soul out to. There's just no pain quite like the loss of someone you completely confided in, especially when they just abruptly walk out of your life never to be heard from again. I speak that sincerely from experience.

    1. I agree. But I also believe it possible as long as both parties are consenting to the same terms of agreement. The problem lies in unresolved issues, resentments and jealous tendencies, We are very jealous creatures. But if both individuals are able to operate on the same frequencies and sincerely want to maintain a friendship and are willing to discuss the 'awkward' moments that will inevitably follow the breakup-friendship transition and are willing to commit to the effort required to facilitate a meaningful friendship, its possible. You just have to be realistic and have the presence of mind to stay focused on the bigger picture and not let past get in the way of the goal. But again this requires both parties to be willing and on the same level, that's the catch. I believe clear, concise communication can break down many barriers. But I also believe miscommunication is abundant and puts up many more. Presence of mind. Sorry I like to ramble :

    2. My problem is/was many of the relationships I have been in were intellectually devoid.. Not all of them, but most. And the old cliché oh if I would of known then what I know now comes to mind. I would of been a lot more understanding and an all around better person, I think most of us feel that way.

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