A Smile – Are We Wishing It Wrong?

A smile - are we wishing it wrong ?


This made me think – When we wish for someones happiness – Are we wishing it wrong ?

Happiness  could mean just anything – all for the right reasons or for the wrong.

Next time – when we wish something for someone – What should that be ?



16 thoughts on “A Smile – Are We Wishing It Wrong?”

  1. Human always start first breath with tears it's not necessary every time i have to walk with tears let me enjoy walk with smile,reason who cares it's a walking towards journey simply enjoy.

  2. We always wish from our own perspective of happiness and that's what counts, what the other chooses to do with it is their perspective and prerogative. 🙂

  3. Proper ibvestigation is needed when admiring peoples' happiness. Questions like such should follw;
    "why is she happy? They won a riffle? What' s it all about?

  4. wrong reason what is that something never heard before happiness is for the sake of good reason good wishes good luck not wrong reasons crapppy shitty excuses

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