A Six Step Method To Recharge Your Spiritual Energy Using Your Hands

Within each and every one of us is the power to heal.

 June 16, 2018

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A Six Step Method To Recharge Your Spiritual Energy Using Your Hands


Step #3:

Now, gently begin rubbing your hands together until you have generated some heat. Place your right hand over your heart center and you are left hand over your belly button. Again, these are powerful chakras that will be recharged through your hands.


Step #4:

Keeping your eyes closed, visualize healing white light being sent out of your hands into your body. See the nourishing light flowing into your body and healing, restoring and recharging all of your energy centers. Visualize the light going down to the tips of your toes and up to the very top of your head. You can even visualize the white light radiating from your body and forming a protective glow all around you.


Step #5:

When you feel that you have received enough white light energy, open your eyes and gently shake your hands. Stand and gently shake out your body or do some light stretches just to get your blood moving.


Step #6:

Drink a big glass of water and be sure to stay hydrated for the rest of the day.

This is a very quick and easy way to send healing energy to your body and will help to instantly recharge your spiritual energy. For best results, do the healing every day for a week for at least 15 minutes.

Source – Limitless Minds

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