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A Rape Survivor

Head hung low and covered face in a veil

The sunrise and sunset with no startling tale.

The unpromising life swinging on a thin thread

The moistened eyes with no tears to shed.

The notion of the utopian world went upside down

She is looked upon with scorn and frown

She has a vision of hopes and ambition

She has dreams, sparks and ignition

Until in a stormy night, the fairy tales ran out of sight.

Surrounded by air of the melancholy and unforgettable story

Ripped her off layer by layer in pain

The agitations and cries were all in vain.

Tossed her to the earth like a rag doll

Feasting their eyes upon her rise and fall

She was like a doll of  her childhood days

When her brother would paint its face in mischievous ways.

Her soul and body were deeply shaken

But not a single one was awaken

She was dumped in a corner to die beneath the shady sky

The unhealed wounds fresh even when the time flies by.