A Proposal To Knock Off Flab Of Astrology To Make It Viable

 January 30, 2019

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Beside it, Vedic astrology has the wherewithal of predicting certain such things that happen in our life still the same way as they used to happen three or four thousand years back – that never misfires.

So in this respect, Vedic astrology seems to have a clear edge over all other versions of astrology.

Yet it can’t be denied – the way we don’t have country-wise different versions of physics such as“British Physics”, “German Physics” or “Chinese Physics”; we should not have country-wise separate versions of astrology either. 

Astrology may become viable only if we upgrade it as has been proposed by me in this article and an attempt is made to unify it so that we had just one version of astrology all over the world the same way as we have only one version of physics – all over the world.

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