A Proposal To Knock Off Flab Of Astrology To Make It Viable

The Chart on the right side shows the houses various planets should be deemed to occupy in the “Post-marital Natal Chart” of the woman.

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Whenever more than one planets share the same house, it is known as a “Yoga” of the planets, that is “Union” of the planets that may share such a house.

In this particular case, though there is no such Union of planets in the Woman’s Chart, there is a Union of 3rd and 8th Planets in the second house of the Natal Chart of the man.

But there are as many as five Unions of planets in woman’s Post-marital Chart which explains all the difference in her life after marriage.  

But most probably, astrologers have never thought of any need of “Restructuring of Natal Charts” in this manner.

Though it is their business – how they go about explaining the changes that take place in our life after marriage, I don’t think it should be possible to troll over the life of a married woman the same way as we may troll the life of a spinster.

Their life, after marriage, is like a three-legged race in which their left leg is strapped together with the right leg of their husband.

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So, it quite justifies reconstitution of their Natal Charts after marriage though, quite understandably such charts would again get fractionated into the original Charts if they may get divorced.

But the fact is – what type of things may happen in our life does not seem to be dependent only on the latitude or the longitude of the place where we live (or where we should have born) as on the level of lawlessness and xenophobia that prevails in the country where we may be living or where we should have born.

Just think, if everything should have depended only on the place where we should have born and the date or the time of our birth why Jews alone should have been subjected to all oddities under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler, in Germany?

Even the Jews had born at the same latitudes and the same longitudes where the non-Jews should have born.

But the Jews were tortured to death simply because they had not born in a non-Jew family in the same cities (having same latitudes and longitudes) in which their neighbouring non-Jews should have born.

In life, what matters is whether the country where you were born happens to be a peaceful country or it happens to be a country strewn with terrorism such as Syria – not simply its “latitudes and longitudes”.

I am not aware how many people across the world are aware but it is true that the Vedic version of astrology has some impelling features which most probably other versions, may not have.

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