A Proposal To Knock Off Flab Of Astrology To Make It Viable

Actually, it does not make much sense thinking that what may happen or may not happen in our life should depend simply on the astrological houses various planets may have occupied when we should have born, that is, just on our horoscopes – not on the type of times we may be passing through, as well.

For instance, just think of all those 14 million Hindus and Sikhs who had to leave their all belongings behind in Pakistan in the year 1947 when the British administration announced division of the Indian subcontinent.

Surely, they should not have had same planets in various houses of their Natal Charts all of them as should have wrenched them to have let them pass through such a harsh ordeal.

Also do you think, after settling down in India, all of them should be leading the same type of life as they would have led if they would have stayed back in Pakistan instead of fleeing from there if we reviewed what type of life those who did not flee from there have been able to lead, back in Pakistan?

Do you think it could have been possible to have predicted what of things shall happen in their life after having fled from there through their original Natal Charts?

What should have happened could not have been predicted without amending their Natal Charts afresh by working back – the houses various planets should have occupied on the date of our birth from the houses occupied by them (when viewed from the Indian City where they must have settled down), at the time of their having resettled there, instead of predicting things based on their original Natal Charts.

This is to impress upon you that when we shift from one country to another country, it calls for Restructuring of our Natal Charts

This is, however, just one flip of the story.

What is true of such people is also true of all women when they get married as they also leave their parental house and start living at a new place amidst their in-laws who may have been quite unknown to them prior to marriage.

It is, no way, much different from what happens to our life when we move out from our own country to some other country in case of women though it is not so in case of the men since they keep on living along with their parents.

So, according to me, it is quite dogmatic to assume that it should be possible to predict what sort of things may happen in the life of women after their marriage based on their original Natal Charts.

It calls for modifying even their Natal Charts in a manner, as shown in the following diagram.

The Chart on the left side of the diagram shows the houses various astrological planets (known as Grahas, in Hindi) as W1, W2, W3 … W9 may have occupied in a woman’s Natal Chart prior to her marriage.

The same way, the Chart next to her Chart shows the houses various planets H1, H2, H3 … H9 may have occupied in the Natal Chart of the man whom she marries.

The Chart on the right side shows the houses various planets should be deemed to occupy in the “Post-marital Natal Chart” of the woman.

Whenever more than one planets share the same house, it is known as a “Yoga” of the planets, that is “Union” of the planets that may share such a house.

In this particular case, though there is no such Union of planets in the Woman’s Chart, there is a Union of 3rd and 8th Planets in the second house of the Natal Chart of the man.

But there are as many as five Unions of planets in woman’s Post-marital Chart which explains all the difference in her life after marriage.  

But most probably, astrologers have never thought of any need of “Restructuring of Natal Charts” in this manner.

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