A Poetry Lover

Words can flare quick fires
Takes the bridge to the world to crackle
Flying embers all over the places
Settling down upon my old pages
Felt little uneasy
So, I falter
Sink into the backwater.

I’ve learned to wear a smile for every laugh
I discover myself more to all those talks
So, it doesn’t matter anyway
Time is not lucky as every day
The freedom of sky breathes as much as for you and me
Sometimes the things aren’t so simple as we try to see.

You may yell, you may mock
But who can stop the ticking clock?
I shall save some flints of fire for you
Carry like beacons while the nights are bad to wander through
Someday all your love shall pour upon me forever
Until then, I’m just a poetry lover.

– By Arun Bahadur Gurung


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