A Person’s Posts Tells A Lot About Them

A person's posts tells a lot about them..

True, Isn’t it ?

42 thoughts on “A Person’s Posts Tells A Lot About Them”

  1. Absolutely. I write in a way that expresses my thoughts that verbal communication might not have brought to light. Most of the time that's a good thing, but sometimes it gives me time to brood and express resentments in a way that wouldn't have been quite so piercing in a verbal format. I've a tendency to think and write using my rational and logical brain but leaves out a lot of my more loving nature that rules me when in a face-to-face interaction.

  2. I am much better expressing myself through word than chit-chat on the phone or in person. Although I am pretty expressive, period. I'll tell you the truth and engage you if you ask me. I'm more likely to open up to those who I feel safe with and trust intuitively. I can be private. So, yes….I'd say this is accurate for me. To speak to strangers who don't know me or expect anything from me, or even those who I do (and don't have to feel their energies back at me)—*is* "safer".

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