A Note To My Catalyst!

I miss you…

I think of you and of all those ecstatic possibilities! 

The scare on my hand itches… I remember you!

The music I listen to, the car, my nail polish, the scare on my hand, the napkins and the apps on my mobile…are suddenly all about you; 

They trigger more thoughts of you! 

Who would have thought souls grow so strongly and deeply fond of each other over a few hours! 

Is it because you are so right or I am very wrong?

I wonder why you, why now and why ever?

Infatuation?? It certainly feels like something further and beyond. 

Isn’t it amazingly puzzling how a single encounter with our catalyst counts for all that matters and leaves us enchanted with sweet remembrance; rich thoughts and most of all a burning desire to be better?

But what do I do… when you don’t know what to do? 

What do I say… when all you need is quiet? 

From where do I start when all you think of is an end? 

Why now… when we aren’t aware of the how?

How can I ever be again; now that I know there’s you?

Some may think it’s sad; while it constantly makes me smile…

Even when I no longer stand my surroundings or can bare those who are dearest to me…

When the seamless is ordinary and the obvious is vague…

When only having met you makes up for all the possibilities I may think of with any other…

When the idea of you is fulfilling than the presence of many…

When the vision of your freeing embrace is only a dreamy moment away from my long tiring attempts of containing my aliferous soul!

And even when all I am left with is this note of thoughts I never get to share with you…

What has been… is gone;
What there is… we know;
And what our coexistence may bring is what I now look forward to… in this life or the next!


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